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Photo Gallery

Closing Meeting

MC 2019 Closing Meeting 1 MC 2019 Closing Meeting 2
MC 2019 Closing Meeting 3

Painting the Rock

Math Camp 2019_Painting the Rock All Math Camp 2019_Painting the Rock Counselors 2
Math Camp 2019_Painting the Rock 2 Counselors Math Camp 2019_Painting the Rock 1

Ijam’s Nature Center

MC_Ijams_2019 3 MC_Ijams_2019 1
MC_Ijams_2019 2 MC_Ijams_2019 4
MC_Ijams_2019 5

Cade’s Cove

MC_Cades Cove_1 MC_Cades Cove_2 MC_Cades Cove_3
MC_Cades Cove_4 MC_Cades Cove_5 MC_Cades Cove_6
MC_Cades Cove_7 MC_Cades Cove_8 MC_Cades Cove_9
MC_Cades Cove_10 MC_Cades Cove_11 MC_Cades Cove_12

Roller Skating

MC_2019_Skating_1 MC_2019_Skating_2 MC_2019_Skating_3
MC_2019_Skating_4 MC_2019_Skating_6 MC_2019_Skating_5
MC_2019_Skating_7 MC_2019_Skating_8 MC_2019_Skating_9

Baking and Studying Night

MC_2019_Baking_1 MC_2019_Baking_2 MC_2019_Baking_3
MC_2019_Baking_4 MC_2019_Baking_5 MC_2019_Baking_6
MC_2019_Baking_7 MC_2019_Baking_8 MC_2019_Baking_9

Opening Meeting

MC_2019_Opening Meeting 1 MC_2019_Opening Meeting 2

Counselor Training

MC_2019_Counselor Training 1 MC_2019_Counselor Training 3 MC_2019_Counselor Training 2
MC_2019_Counselor Training 9 MC_2019_Counselor Training 5 MC_2019_Counselor Training 6
MC_2019_Counselor Training 7 MC_2019_Counselor Training 8 MC_2019_Counselor Training 11
MC_2019_Counselor Training 10 MC_2019_Counselor Training 4


Counselor Training

MC_2017_Counselor Training 1 MC_2017_Counselor Training 2
MC_2017_Counselor Training 3 MC_2017_Counselor Training 4
MC_2017_Counselor Training 5 MC_2017_Counselor Training 6

Move-in and Welcome Meeting

MC_2016_Counselors 2 MC_2016_Counselors MC_2016_welcome meeting_1
MC_2016_welcome meeting_2 MC_2016_welcome meeting_3 MC_2016_welcome meeting_4
MC_2016_welcome meeting_5

Ice Cream Party

MC_2016_Ice Cream 1 MC_2016_Ice Cream 2
MC_2016_Ice Cream 3